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Not every startup, emerging business, or nonprofit is ready for a full-fledged PR campaign. With years of experience managing PR for innovators across Silicon Valley and the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area, we know well how clients' budget constraints, or insufficient numbers of users for their platforms, among many other reasons, will bring lofty PR planning to an immediate halt. Meanwhile, the media opportunities and brand awareness that would have amassed also stalls. This is why 25SecondsPR offers a variety of low budget, hourly consulting packages. We think it's a simple solution most beneficial to start-ups looking for straight forward advice and PR resources to jump start a DIY effort, or even a short-term community outreach project of a nonprofit. But, more important it's ideal for keeping PR fees at the bare minimum without missing a beat on your brand awareness effort and the potential for media attention. Call us today.



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25SecondsPR is savvy about digital PR and communication strategies, original content development, and developing more engaging creative concepts to pinpoint your messages with vibrancy ... it's about distinguishing you among the rest.

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California East Bay Oakland San Francisco PR agency
California East Bay Oakland San Francisco PR agency

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