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Life Happens and Then You Begin to Recover!

For those of you regularly visiting the 25SecondsPR blog for PR advice and perspective here, may have noticed a scarcity of new content. This of course is not all that uncommon—bloggers often start out filled with ideas and enthusiasm, churning out 1,500 words each day, until the time comes when they run out of steam and disappear back into the ether without a trace.

But, blogger’s block doesn’t explain my absence.

Over the last 9-10 months have been trying and difficult for me, not professionally but personally. Last autumn my mother fell ill and in January she passed away, and while we all know our parents cannot stay with us forever when they do leave us the grief can be overpowering. No matter how old we become, our moms and dads remain central to our sense of self, and when they are no longer here it can leave us feeling lost, alone, and without direction.

In the midst of all of this was the dismaying and disheartening results of the 2016 presidential election. It sapped my spirit, plain and simple. Politicians haven’t demonstrated much ability to solve our problems but they certainly can make them worse… and here we are.

But during this period where I could not find my blogging ‘voice”, I still kept up with managing PR campaigns for clients (it was a godsend, actually). There’s something very rewarding about engaging with PR clients each day, that is entirely satisfying on so many different levels. Take the Oakland nonprofit PR project 25SecondsPR has been engaged with since January this year! Project Equity is dedicated to supporting worker-owned cooperatives and recognizes that the worker-owned cooperative is an ‘innovative and powerful business model that can provide high quality jobs and shared entrepreneurship opportunities to low-wage workers.’ 25SecondsPR’s nonprofit PR outreach effort has helped Project Equity’s extensive small business ownership data research gain exposure on NPR’s Marketplace, KQED’s California Report, The Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, and numerous other outlets national wide. This is an example of nonprofits making a significant contribution; not to mention is it work we find rewarding and proud to participate.

It is my work with my Project Equity client as well as, my other clients who continue to amaze within the tech environment that are a never-ending source of delight and wonder, and my enthusiasm for them ultimately helped me rise, however minimally, from grief—and gradually my desire to write returned.

As every Bay Area resident knows, even the thickest fogs eventually lift. Epic sadness and regret don’t necessarily disappear, but they do lose their strength over time as the clock continues to tick and the world continues to turn.

What had been anchors on your heart can morph into motivations that keep you striving, working and moving. Our parents’ hopes and dreams for us and their pride in our achievements are a powerful force that help push us forward; that’s how it is with my mom even though she’s only with me in my memories.

Meanwhile, my passion for promoting tech, nonprofits, amazing individuals, diversity and inclusion still runs as deep as ever, and my commitment to pursuing a progressive vision through my work and remains unshakeable.

I’m glad to be getting back to blogging my thoughts, opinions and insights on public relations, tech, marketing and other vital issues..

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