5 Simmering Steps to #PR-fecting Your Turkey

November 23, 2015


Wondering how to disengage from your upcomig app campaign, or your new services / product launch long enough to roast a respectful turkey? While for many, it's true that few tasks are more exciting than preparing a turkey to roasted perfection. However, for many more it's a daunting task that in comparison, makes attracting a Techcrunch app reviewer to your new mobile app, a casual walk in the park. But, why not do both? Present your impressively moist and seasoned turkey on time to guests while simultaneously sustaining the momentum of your campaign. Afterall, digital PR activities tend to get a big boost during the holidays by media outlets looking for year end product roundups and interesting new services and products to profile.  Why not step out of the norm and elevate your brand by elevating the person or persons behind it? That would be you! Here's 5 Digital PR Tips to consider:


1. Tell your story: Engage and Attract attention for the simplicity, or complexity of preparing your meal while also managing to develop an awesome new platform, or app, or whatever it is you've been dedicated to for months. Think Social Media; Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter!

2. Strike the right balance;  No need to infuse or oversell what your project is. The idea is to have fun with the #Thanksgiving #cooking process, and save your technology as an interesting side note ... be subtle when calling attention to your brand.

3. Cook the turkey: Get the dinner right. A simple tip is buy organic and follow Edna Lewis's Roast Turkey w/ Giblet Gravy recipe, a shoe in for perfection! Vegan you say? No worries, your vegan Thanksgiving story is just as interesting, if not more!

4. YouTube the Experience! While your vibe will differ, there's much to learn from the Patti Labelle sweet potato pie sensation http://n.pr/1lwutVn. 

5. Tweet & Instagram followers your progress along the way... Figure out a way to keep them looking for more!


By the close of Thanksgiving evening, you will have satisifed your guests, established some serious culinary credibility, and likely generated some buzz around something everyone can relate ... family, friends, and delicious food but also you will have amped up your day job and the technology you've been developing without losing any momentum brought on by the holidays!


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