2 Reasons for Humanizing PR Management

May 31, 2015

 In Olivia Pope’s world, there are scandalous political missteps left and right. Inevitably, Olivia is on point offering rational approaches to solving the peskiest of mysteries within a 58-minute time slot.  All in a days work for primetime PR divas. In real life, however, the work plays out in an entirely different way. It’s often not very glamorous behind the scenes, or as dramatic as the American Political Thriller TV series.


The PR offices of everyday individuals like me, we focus on providing a solid service first. PR has a determined value obtained from the types of results it yields. It’s also a tailored service that only we can understand. No one package is right for one company or person to the next. Technology has a way of making people curious about the fastest way to get something done, or the cheapest; but, we’re talking about a service business, not a product driven company.

Robots can create products quickly. If it can be automated, then there isn’t much thought that is required. PR work is not the same. Still, there are two more reasons why PR management needs to be orchestrated by human hands.


#1-PR Works Best With Relationships

Human resources can tell the mass produced resumes from those tailored specifically to a job. Likewise, clients and other businesses can too.  The reaction to these tasteless empty-minded pitches is all the same: Deleted, trashed, never opened, and never read.  Without a firm relationship with a PR marketing manager, the needs of an organization are unheard and unnoticed. In its simplest form, PR is largely based on the persuasion of the human mind. That takes a human to understand, not a bot.


#2-Algorithms Can’t Define the Next Viral Thread

In PR, we don’t rely on mathematical equations to help isolate popular opinion and topics that are going viral, such as the widespread interest in the Patriots Deflatgate scandal, ISIS uprising, or the most recent issues regarding biker gangs in Waco Texas.  PR needs discernment for each and every client. Judgment is the human element of PR that tailors a package to suit a particular business need.

It’s not enough to jump on the bandwagon with the hottest topic circulating the web. What does that topic have to do with the clients and organizations represented in a contract? That’s the question that algorithms won’t be able to answer, but PR managers like myself can.

Organizations use PR firms because of the need to tap into the professional talent, wisdom, and advice of the PR professional. Automation will never be able to provide that. It’s just another great aspect of operating a service firm. It’s run by humans for humans. 


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