Pairing SEO with PR

May 31, 2015


Notice anything curious about your Google search results lately? It’s true, Google has made subtle updates to its core, ranking algorithm as recent as this month.  Of course many of us are aware of the more significant updates made to Panda late last year, and in previous years with Penguin and other Google filters which for many of us running an online business, was cause for great celebration, or heartache, depending on your SEO plan in place at the time. But one thing is certain, updates to Google and other search engine algorithms will continue.


What some people may not have realized is that search engines like Google haven’t stopped refining the math within their engine. They need to stay the preferred search engine of choice. That means they’re continuously seeking ways to return the websites with the best content, with information that is incredibly rich in authenticity. To achieve high results, it can mean building a brand. SEO can’t do that, only PR can. 


Keeping Keywords in Perspective

Some years ago, keywords emerged as the hottest thing to hit the digital marketing world. They were used in blogs, press releases and embedded in homepages and offshoot tabs for good measure. Since then, search engines have caught on and changed their algorithms so that top search results showed more relevant sites instead of web pages with the highest keyword density. Writers had to get better. No longer could they publish subpar content. Hiring managers increasingly began emphasizing descriptors such as: “fresh, engaging, and unique” as important requirements for potential community and online content managers.


Clearly, your news is more than what several keywords can describe. It’s your business. Along with focusing on meaningful keyword density, your content should also be able to speak for itself outside of keywords. This is how news clips go viral. It touches a string of emotion within someone, and their rationale follows through. Keywords alone can’t tap into emotion. 


PR Has Never Gone out of Style, Only Improved

While the world switched gears to entertain keywords, PR enthusiasts stayed true to the time-tested results of marketing and also raised its game to digital PR environment because news can’t be persuaded by the next “big” thing to generate views. Clients need more than visitors. They need buyers and customers. They need sales. This is the basis of public relations. While SEO is vital, thinking solely about identifying, keywords shouldn’t be your only strategy. Throughout time, PR has remained by providing valuable insight to individuals who want to know about the changes in your business or organization. When the next big thing that is showing promise moves in, remember that PR has never gone out of style. It’s only improved.


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