25 Best PR Tips to Attract Media Interest

September 4, 2016



If you're an East Bay-based tech start up owner, you know that on any given day, especially here in the Oakland where tech growth is booming, your company’s innovative idea can easily be obscured by another’s. In fact, this is true regardless of your location, which is why keeping your brand fresh and relevant is always smart. Bay Area PR is abuzz it's true. So, we thought we'd offer some easy advice. Here are 25 simple PR tips to help you. As an Oakland PR blogger, I like to think of these as helping you begin generating more awareness and inevitably more press coverage:


1. Tweet, Pin, Like, and Share your brand to genuinely connect it to people who will care.

2. Write a blog post and share it.

3. Secure a speaking spot at an industry conference.

4. Think inclusion; Be tech inclusive: Develop a teen internship program.

5. Request a sit down with a journalist covering your industry.

6. Follow your favorite tech journalists on Twitter.

7. Identify a seasonal, topical social media strategy.

8. Create an informative Facebook survey strategy.

9.  Request to be a panelist at an industry conference.

10.Write a guest blog post for HuffPro.

11. Create some new, fresh content and share it

12. Generate data, more data and even more data. Did I mention data?

13. Write an entirely newsworthy press release and distribute it.

14. Prepare and submit content now for holiday product listings.

15. Prepare and submit now for 2017, new year business/industry outlook stories.

16. Plan 6 months in advance to request speaking opportunity at coveted conferences.

17. Highlight favorable customer quotes on social channels.

18. Offer an exclusive to TechCrunch.

19. Determine if Snap Chat engagement makes sense for your business.

20.Reasonably tie in your business story to a national trending topic.

21. Relate your business to third party data just released.

22. Join local fundraising opportunities.

23. Connect with writers of lesser known/emerging tech outlets.

24. Capture beautiful images and share.

25. Call 25SecondsPR to allow us to implement everything describe above and more.




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