It's 2016! Where's Your PR Bling? A 6-Step Guide for Choosing

January 7, 2016

Are you a company founder or organization director who has ever retained a PR firm? If you have, then you no doubt used a degree of PR Bling whether you were aware of doing so or not. PR ... what? Think of it as the times you knew we would answer if you were to call us on our cell phones late at night, or early in the morning, when you needed our thoughts on your media interview, your press release, or advice on a provocative Tweet, etc.. That's PR Bling from a client perspective. But 25SecondsPR, a California PR firm based in the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area, is officially coining the phrase from a PR firm perspective, and with much inspiration from Drake, because we tend to think of PR Bling as a myriad of exceptional content, assets if you will, that define you and your brand. Maybe elements you've not considered before such as your leadership persona and key messages, and your company's digital products, impressive stats: users, downloads, celebrity ties; mobile services, e-commerce platforms, and even your unique story as a company founder, industry trendsetter, and tech inclusion innovator. You name it, you can and should consider all of these significant elements comprising your PR Bling. Ultimately these define you and set you and your brand apart in ways that generate media attention, public/consumer/enterprise interest. Understanding how to create, strategize and implement a broad awareness campaign around these elements is a first start to building awareness from a professional publicist's perspective working on your behalf.  In fact, there's little mystery about working with a small PR firm such as ours to the achieve this. We have a pulse on your PR Bling but also the media and the hot stories people and investors and other influencers are following. We develop creative ideas that tie your bling with the trending media interest and stories. We also endeavor to develop new interests and trends. Our expertise is in strategically helping you elevate your company or organization so that your brand, event, campaign, product/service launch, or even you personally, is among those being Tweeted, watched, followed, written about and more! Assuming you're clear on PR Bling and ready to move ahead with your 2016 business goals by launching a PR campaign, keep a few things in mind from our 6-step guideline for engaging a PR agency:


1. Identify your organizational or business goals and needs. Is it generating media interest? Creating a broad digital PR campaign? Developing social media content? Establishing a speaker's bureau?  Perhaps all of these? Determine what you need, or engage an agency for a brief consultation to help you decide.


2. Get a consensus. It's much easier to move ahead if your co-founder, VC fund manager, executive director, board members and co-founders, etc., are all behind you. False starts are a tremendous waste of time and money. Make sure hiring a PR firm is a high priority for your stakeholders before calling. 


3. Determine your budget. Identify your PR budget. Know that small PR agency fees are in line with small firms that have an account director, account manager, a digital expert, and writers. Like 25SecondsPR, small firms can pack a lot into your moderate campaign and easily staff up for more substantial campaigns.


 Got a one-off project? If you have a short-term project need, i.e., press kit, press release, blog writing, social media planning, story pitching, consider hiring a small PR firm such as 25SecondsPR willing on a project-basis.  Read more.


4. Think competitively! Unless you're among the unicorn herd, you'll want to think of the nuances that make your product, service, event unique. Think of your competition in your industry that sets them apart. Have in mind how your organization addresses the public, or consumers, or the enterprise needs. 


5. Understand Diversity/Tech Inclusion/Multiculturalism: Not convenient buzzwords rather extremely relevant to the technology products, services, and consumer lifestyles of the people and cultures nationally and internationally who use them. Think broadly and inclusively or engage an agency focused on inclusion such as 25SecondsPR, who will gladly explain and help you get there. Call us!


5. Be Ready! Rome was not built in a day and the same for brand awareness and PR coverage, although with a drastically shorter time frames. Expect your PR firm to lead the effort for you, but also to work in partnership with you to identify your impressive stats, and to define your unique story to elevate your brand. Be Ready! 








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