Why Digital PR?


Think about it, your life today is more digitally-dependent than at any other time in history. In fact, check out this UrbanGeekz article highlighting seven new careers that didn't exist 10 years ago. Digital innovations described in the article, and others like them, are defining how we work, play, and live. As consumers, yes, our lives are very much impacted by online businesses and institutions and how we engage via digital data and the digital devices. As business leaders and innovators behind these changes, it is crucial that you keep journalists, influencers, and the public engaged and informed about your products, services, events, and brands. Here's a list of services we provide to help you achieve this:


  • Nonprofit PR 

  • Media Relations & Strategy

  • Multicultural/diversity/tech inclusion

  • Storytelling & Brand Development

  • Cannabis Marketing

  • Content Marketing & Paid Media

  • Corporate Positioning

  • Video & Audio Production

  • Campaign, Service, and Product Launches

  • Creative Campaigns/Visual Communication

  • Thought Leadership

  • Social Media

  • Data Programs

  • Analyst Relations

  • Events

  • Media Training

  • SEO


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We're proud to be a small digital PR Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area firm and we're proud to have secured some excellent coverage for our clients ... see here:


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  About 25SecondsPR

25SecondsPR is savvy about digital PR and communication strategies, original content development, and developing more engaging creative concepts to pinpoint your messages with vibrancy ... it's about distinguishing you among the rest.

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California East Bay Oakland San Francisco PR agency

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