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About Us

Lori founded 25SecondsPR in 2014, where she's managed the public relations of various businesses and nonprofits including large nationals, global tech companies, emerging authors, and bootstrapped start-ups. Her knowledge of the public relations, marketing, and communications strategies is extensive and covers myriad industries: cannabis, food/restaurant, personal brands, health tech, cloud enterprise systems, education tech platforms, business services, and more. But, her background is rooted in journalism and publishing. Lori worked on staff in journalism and publishing at PCWorld, MacWorld, and Silicon Valley Business Journal early in her career before becoming immersed in a full range of corporate tech innovation working abroad and in the U.S., managing public relations and internal communications for Hewlett Packard, Guide by Cell, and Intuitive Surgical. However, it is her work at 25Seconds that Lori finds the most rewarding, where she represents a variety of dynamic business leaders, innovative start-ups, and dedicated nonprofits. Moreover, she has long prioritized social and racial justice and often gets opportunities to work with endeavors similarly focused. In all, Lori has worked with many of the most iconic businesses, people, and nonprofits, some of which include: author Carmen Bogan, VeganMob, Farms to Grow, LowKey Dispensary, Elev8 Cannabis, JustinCredible Cultivation, Wondering About Weed, OCCUR, Afro Yoga, AfroTech, and many others. 

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