Lori Shepherd is a former journalist who discovered corporate communications and public relations early on and made a career in it. She founded 25SecondsPR in 2014, after spending many years managing strategic communications and public relations for Silicon Valley corporations and startups. During this part of her career, Lori experienced the full range of tech innovation as a result of working within dynamic environments. From large, global tech companies to bootstrapped start ups, she has managed them all. Her knowledge about tech public relations and communications strategies is extensive and cover a myriad of tech industries: health tech, cloud enterprise systems, K-12 education tech platforms, business services, and more. Concurrent to this, Lori has always been involved in community building by working with community organizations and nonprofits to help them advance numerous outreach campaigns targeting diverse people and communities. In all, Lori has worked with many of the most iconic for profit and nonprofit brands, some of which include: OCCUR, Project Equity, Guide By Cell, WooCommerce, Farms to Grow, AfroTech, Hewlett Packard, Dictionary.com, VentureFund.io, The Points of Light Foundation, Association of Women In Science, and numerous others. 25SecondsPR is also managing cannabis communications and public relations programs for innovative entrepreneurs in this space which include Elev8 Cannabis and Let's Sesh.

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